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I thought last week was a bad health week for me, but I just realized it was actually okay. I did on demand work outs twice, the bootcamp class once, and then my normal cardio work out once. I think I've finally gotten to the point where skipping the gym is the exception, rather than going to the gym being the exception. I mean, I sit on my ass all day at work; it's not so hard for me to do a little exercise every day. I'm just going to build on my motivation. Woohoo! My goal is 5x/week, but I'm okay with 4x/week being the reality.

holy fuck

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That boot camp class kicked my ass. I'm so glad I tried Zumba first or I probably would have been intimidated and given up. I wanted to quit after 10 minutes. the instructor, she was fucking CUT. not toned, but like she'll kick your ass, one handed. And she was calling people out for half assing it or doing it wrobg, as the boot camp name suggests. During the cool down, we took out mats and I thought, oh good. No, not good. dude, Dude, she's like sit down with your legs in front of you, put your palms next to your knees and lidt your body off the ground using your lower abs.10 of those. What??!! OMG, impossible. I could barely walk to the bus stop to get home afterward. This really highlighted that I am def not pushing myself enough. I can't believe I made it theough an hour of that class. I think I'm gonna do it again next week.

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OMG Tara won tickets off the radio to see Prince at HP Pavillion on Thursday and she's taking me! I am so wearing my purple velvet jacket!!


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I tried to do retro hair again today. It worked better on the weekend, but I think it looks pretty good anyway. I'll keep practicing. Also, I should wear lipstick more often. I wear eye make up everyday but never really wear lipstick. Red lipstick makes me feel saucy.

Ready for Mexico

Ready for Mexico by mllegemaricaine
Ready for Mexico, a photo by mllegemaricaine on Flickr.

I ordered a silly vintage style bathing cap to go with my vintage inspired swimsuit. It came in the mail today and I immediately put it on and made Z take some pictures of me. This shit is cracking me up. Less than 2 months til Mexico [but I'm ready now]!

feeling the love

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Saumi just came by my office with flowers and a balloon. He actually listens to me when I say things like, "getting flowers at work is the ultimate dream because then you get the attention too" which I said a few weeks ago in passing.

Also, he gave me a gorillapod yesterday and we walked up the hill to Coit Tower and then took some pictures until my camera battery died. Then, we got pretty drunk at my place and watched a bad movie with Z. He fell asleep (read: passed out) and Z and I made dinner. I had to wake him up for dinner. After we ate, we had a mini dance party in the dining room (lol) which we recorded on Z's laptop (double lol) and this morning he didn't even remember eating dinner. Woops. That's okay, we'll try it again tonight.


I wonder if I can go the whole workday without talking to anyone. I'm going to try. A couple people have tried to talk to me and I have stared straight ahead and not acknowledged them. I don't need to have the same small talk conversation everyday with everyone. And today I will not. I know I will eventually have to take calls and interact with co-workers, but I'm going to wear my headphones with my music on full blast and ignore everyone for as long as possible.

broken down photo shoot

ways to amuse yourself while you're waiting for a tow truck

Jesus it's only 10:30a.m. and already I want to go home and lay on the couch. And I really should be going back to the gym...

oh crap

oh crap
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So, I straightened my hair today for the first time since I got my haircut. I just caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I was like, holy hell, I got my mom's haircut. I'm never straightening it again!


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The 80th birthday party last night was fun. Like A LOT of fun. I hadn’t realized how much I’d enjoy it. That was my second ever stripper experience and the first one was not good at all. It was somewhat surprising to me this guy let us touch him. I actually could smell his crotch when I did a body shot off him. Haha. I wasn’t expecting it to be hot; for some reason I was expecting it to be weird/creepy. But, no, it was hot. After he was grinding in my face for a while, he asked me if I was okay before moving on to the next lap. It felt almost like a date. Seriously, look at my shit eating grin, I was enjoying it. Haha.