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High waisted skirt

High waisted skirt by mllegemaricaine
High waisted skirt, a photo by mllegemaricaine on Flickr.

I feel very vain today. I wore a high-waisted skirt with a shirt tucked in and a cropped sheer cardigan. I knew heels would look better, but I wore flats for comfort. I don't generally think of myself as curvy, but today I feel very curvy. I tend to just see myself as a little overweight since I carry most of my weight in my stomach and face, rather than on my hips or in my chest. My hips are about the same as my waist, but I notice that messing with the proportions of outfits can make it look like I have more curves instead of a pot belly. I like it.

In other vain unimportant news, I finally got an appointment for my hair the day of the wedding (in 9 days!). I want to do something retro but definitely an updo. I ran it by Tara (the bride) and she gave me the go-ahead to do my hair any way I want. There are four bridesmaids and I am the shortest one. I thought I was the fattest but I think I'm about the same size as one and then the other two are skinny minnies and so I've been a little worried about looking squat in the photos. I shouldn't compare myself to them anyway, but of course I do.


Feb. 2nd, 2012 11:56 pm (UTC)
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